Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, it is another no lesson day today.  My poor Breanna broke out in hives around 1 am this morning.  She had an allergic reaction to some medicine she has been taking however, she is just not up to a lesson today.  I was supposed to have Christine's lesson tonight, but as I had a feeling, she cancelled her lesson.  She is also stopping lessons for the summer.  What?  I know, it isn't even summer but I had a feeling when she started last month she wouldn't last because of the distance to my house.  It took her longer to get here than she thought.  Her mom commented on that when she first came for the first lesson.

I do have a new student starting from the new company.  However, she is an adult so I am aprehensive as whether or not she will last.  The track record for the other adult students at the new company is zero so it is wait and see mode for me.  She is interested in trying out for community theatre so I am hopeful she will last longer than the one month that they pay in advanced.  I really am hoping that is for sure.  I love working with people who want to audition in community theatre because it is great to have such a good goal and I know of several theatres that are wonderful.  They put on great productions.

I am very, very exhausted again today.  I tried to take a nap but the phone woke me and I couldn't sleep any longer.  I am hopeful that I will sleep okay tonight.  I am getting up early tomorrow to go and see a movie with Lily.  That will be fun.  We are going to see Soul Surfer.  It looks good so I am pleased with her choice.  I am picking her up at 9:30 in the morning.  I think we will stop and get breakfast before the movie as it doesn't start until 10:55.  I have Charlie's lesson at 3 pm and then the regular lessons for Acer and Calli.  I also need to have my hair done sometime in there.  Should that not get done, I will get my hair done on Saturday so that is fine, either way will work with me.  I have decided, though, I will get it done twice a week because once a week my bangs droop and I don't like droopy bangs.  I like fluffy, perky bangs.

I am kind of bored right now because I was planning to have lessons and they aren't happening today.  I look forward to having lessons tomorrow and seeing Breanna next week.  She is such a good student as most of mine are.

I do hope we aren't going to get the bad weather than many others are getting.  Way too much bad weather this spring so far.  We are supposed to get more storms this week and weekend.  Ugh, I am not enjoying this weather so far.  I do hope you and your family are safe from this weather.  The weatherman is on right now, 166 tornados yesterday.  Wow, that is awful.  We had flooding all around us but we have been spared so far.  More storms on Sunday here.

Pain level is okay, nothing to serious here just the usual amount.  It is a missing mom bad day though as I have been alone all day today.  I am very tired and I am hoping to head for bed early as I am getting up early.  I do hope you are having a good day.

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  1. We're getting unseasonably warm weather here in the Emerald Isle, hope it lasts because a bit of sunshine improves my mood no end :)