Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 lesson day!

I should have had 5 lessons but Elizabeth's uncle is very ill and is in the hospital so I only had 4 lessons.  I hope to see her next week.  Rachel just turned 6 and is doing very well.  She is so tiny and adorable.  I think she such a great kid.  Laith is also doing very well too.  He was absent last week because he was in Mexico.  He is such a cutie too.  Charlie had his lesson and is doing pretty well.  He needed to redo one exercise this week, there was just too many small mistakes, so he is doing it again for next time, which will be in 2 weeks since he will be absent next week.  He is going up north with his girlfriend's family.

Today is a good weather day.  It is not super humid for a change.  I am really liking that.  It is going to be like this for a few days so woo-hoo for that!  This weekend gets pretty hot again, but I will just hide inside like I do during the heat of the summer.

Breanna had a make up lesson this afternoon since she will be absent on Thursday.  She is leaving for the audition of American Idol this afternoon.  I am excited for her.  She is pretty ready.  I think she will be practicing all the way there.  She has her 3 songs that she needs.  Starting tomorrow at 8 am, they will pass out the wrist bands that have the order of the auditions.  She is planning to camp out in line so she will get one right away or as right away as she can do.  Friday at 8 am the auditions start but I think they have to be there by 6 am or something like that.  I do hope she does well.  I am so excited that she is going.

It has been a busy day, I had my hair washed and dried this afternoon too.  I have such a hard time doing it with my shoulder having issues that it is better to go and have someone else doing it.  It really isn't too much money either, only $4 each time so I am able to do this.  I am done teaching for the night and will have dinner shortly.  I have the words for Carson's new song printed and the CD is copied for the young gentleman.  He is such a nice young man.  He usually comes to his lesson earlier than scheduled but I told him that was okay since it is summer and the only other lesson isn't until later in the evening.

I am getting myself ready for the newest Harry Potter movie.  It seems strange to see the last two movies with Mom as I saw the rest with her, but I am planning to see it.  It looks really good.  I have finished the first 2 books again and am on the 3rd book.  I am about 1/3 the way through.  I really love the Harry Potter books.  My absolute favorite books though are the Anne of Green Gables books.  Harry Potter books are the close 2nd favorite books.  I do like the movies although they are NOT enough like the books like I would personally prefer however, they are very good.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

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