Thursday, July 7, 2011

what can I say?

It hasn't been the best of days.  I hope tomorrow is better.  I did have 3 lessons, Breanna, Calli, and Acer and that was good.  They are all doing rather well.  Breanna has picked her songs to sing for her audition and she will have 1 more lesson before she leaves on Tuesday instead of Thursday.  I am excited for her to go and audition.  I hope she really enjoys the experience.  That is one of my goals for her, to enjoy the experience.  I have other ones too, but that is an important goal.  I really hope she does well and sings wonderfully.  This is one of her dreams so I can only hope she rocks the house.  Calli and Acer are both working very hard on the Italian song "Caro Mio Ben".  We fixed one of their small mistakes today.  They forgot a small section of the song.  No problem, we fixed it.  Calli is doing really well with her other music too and so is Acer.  He learned the entire Indian Drum song.  He is so cute as he plays it.  We are working on proper fingering for him, but he still doesn't like using his thumbs when he plays.  He will, he would just prefer to use other fingers instead.  Hey, he is 6 and plays wonderfully.  He figured out a song off of one of his xylophone toys and did it perfectly, black keys and all.  I was happy about that.  He is such a creative young man that he is so fun to work with.  Calli is a lot of fun too, we have many giggles together.  She works so hard that it is wonderful to see.  She always practices and works so hard at both piano and voice.  Between the 2 of them, it is hard to say who works the hardest and it shows.  The progress Calli has made this past year is amazing.  It really is.  She is already singing Italian Art songs and has a 3 1/2 octave range.  She is 11, yes 11.  It is an amazing range.  I have never worked with an 11 year old who has that great of a range.  The change between her chest and head voice is so smooth too.  Her voice is very mature for her age, it is very strong and pretty.  Music will take both kids very far, that is for sure and then add Breanna to that makes me a very happy teacher.

Other than the lessons, the day is rather dull.  I have 2 days coming up that has no lessons.  I don't know what I will get done or if I will get anything done.  I will see how I feel when I get up tomorrow.  I am not making any set plans.  I will play the next few days by ear and see how they go.  I may go and see Donna, but I don't know.  I will see.

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