Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more paperwork

I got my bank statement today, thank goodness.  I need the last 3 statements to send in to the hospital so I can find out if they will help me pay that huge bill that I have.  I have the application, the bank statements, the income statement, and a pay stub from the new company teaching all ready to finally be copied and sent in.  I just have to type the letter.  I am so glad that this hospital has a foundation to help people like me.  I can do a low monthly payment, but I owe about $1200 now so it will take forever to pay and probably will owe more when I crash again.  So far the health crashes haven't been bad enough to go to the hospital. I am really glad about that.

It is a quiet day here.  Katie had her lesson and we have picked what she is going to sing in the concert.  Now she is having trouble deciding what to sing at competition in February.  She wants to have the decision down by September 1 because of her school schedule.  It will be super full and she wants to have tough decisions done as soon as possible.  Normally, I don't even start discussing competition until October, however in her situation I agree that earlier will be best for her.  I don't mind, we can work on the stuff and other things too.  She loves the new Italian piece I gave her today.  It is my favorite out of the entire book.  It is called "Se Tu M'ami".  I don't remember exactly what it means but it is such a fun piece.  Now she is divided between the German piece and this new Italian piece.  She is also torn between which inspirational piece to do.  She is deciding between a beautiful medley and "My Lord What a Morning".  Both are great pieces that really show off her maturing voice.  She is such a beauty too.  Both inside and out, she is simply a wonderful young woman.  I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished with her life.  She will finish in June with not only her high school diploma, but her associates degree also.  Talk about a hard road!  It does require her to take a lot of credit hours, but she feels she is up for it.  It is just wonderful.

It is pretty nice out today.  It was starting to rain a bit when I came in from the store, but my brown grass really needs it so that is okay.  The temperature wasn't too high for a change, only around 81 or so.  That is a good thing.  It is possibly more rain tomorrow.  I don't have anywhere really to go except the bank tomorrow and the bank can actually wait another day if it rains bad.  I only have 1 lesson tomorrow so I can go in between rains.  Pain level is regular, nothing standing out too much.  It is a normal missing Mom day.  I don't think either of those things will ever go away so they are just at the normal range for me.  I do hope you are having a good day.

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