Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is Wednesday and I only had 2 lessons this afternoon and evening.  I normally only have 2 lessons, but this was 1 make-up lesson and 1 regular lesson.  Carson is absent as he is on vacation this week.  His mom called to tell me this morning, but I already knew because he told me last week.  Bob will be back on his normal Monday next week but Beth will have her lesson on Monday in the afternoon.  She is going on vacation next week so she will have her lesson first and then off to vacation for Beth!  I like that she is having a make up lesson before she goes on vacation.  What a dedicated student.  this is the kind of student I really like.  Anyways, Charlie and Carson will be back next week too so that will be a good week.

It has been a regular quiet week so far.  I have done a lot of reading this week.  I ended up reading until about 2 am this morning before I realized how late it was and needed to go to bed.  I was looking for some fresh reading material when I found a book I never read downstairs in the family room.  It is a book by one of my favorite authors and I was thrilled to find it because it belongs to a series where I have the rest of the books too.  They are not totally tied together series, but loosely tied together.  I was planning to purchase the book but now I don't have too so I am pleased about that.  Anne dropped off 2 books for me.  I meant to send one home to Maggie today but I forgot to give the book to Bob.  I also, once again, forgot to loan him the Eclipse movie.  I have been meaning to loan him this for months because I know that Maggie would like to see it.  She has read all the books and has seen the first 2 movies.  I haven't seen Eclipse yet but eventually I will.  I wanted to see it last summer but Mom couldn't have handled that movie.  I didn't go because I decided I needed to spend the time with Mom instead.  I do not regret my decision.  I can see lots of movies now, but I can't spend the time with her.  I would rather spend the time with Mom.  I so miss that.  I miss the companionship even with her Alzheimer's.  We could still have a good time together.  I picked things for us to do that she could handle.

I just saw a commercial for back to school.  Oh my gosh, it is too soon isn't it?  It is only July.  The only good thing about back to school shopping is that I am running out of cute pencils for teaching and can get a bunch of them on sale.  I like princess pencils and Tinkerbell pencils.  I had bought some Tinkerbell pencils but I don't know what happen to them so I need some new ones.  There is another back to school commercial on now.  Oh my.  I am losing my mind!  I will need to check my office supplies to see if I need anything new.  I think I have enough folders and notebooks, but I am not sure.  I will check this week.

It was a quiet day.  I enjoyed reading a book I haven't read in a few years.  It is super hot outside.  It really is.  Tomorrow is suppose to be close to 100.  Yeah, there is just something wrong with having temperatures that high.  We are supposed to get storms too, but I don't think the humidity will go down.  Fortunately, next week temps should be cooler.  I will hide inside most of the day from the rain and the heat.  I hope you stay cool too.

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