Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Harry Potter Afternoon

I slept in, mostly dozing for a while before I finally got out of bed.  I didn't really feel like so I didn't get up very early.  I am just feeling worse than usual, mental stress more than physical these last few days.  I do hope I improve in the next few days because I have many lessons to teach this week and I must be on my toes to do it.  The quick gist is that I managed to anger my older brother so much that he is not speaking to me at all.  I don't know if he will ever speak to me again.  I really don't.  It has upset me because I can't even explain why I chose to make the decision I made and I think he thinks I did it to upset him, which I didn't.  I really had no choice.  I truly didn't and if I could explain, maybe he would be less mad, at least I would know that I told him the truth about why I did what I did.    I just feel so alone right now with him so angry at me.  I already feel like an outcast in my family, he was the only one I felt really was on my side and supported me and now this.  I am truly alone in the family or at least that is how I am currently feeling right now.  It may not be rational, but it is what I am feeling these days since the terrible phone call a few days ago.  Maybe it won't be so painful in the next few days.  I can only hope although I don't have much of that either right now.

I am watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie.  In preparation of the newest and last Harry Potter movie, the family channel is doing a Harry Potter movie marathon.  I missed the first two.  I don't know when they played the first two, but I only missed the first few minutes of the movie.  I caught it as they were on the train to school with the Dementors were about to get on the train and go into the car where Harry and crew were.  At least I have a good evening ahead of me.  Lots of Harry Potter!  Something decent for this horrible week.

I don't have any lessons today.  I have a lesson tomorrow so I am thankful for that.  It will be a busy few days with Monday being one of the busiest.  I have my lovely Muglia girls on Monday.  I am very excited about it.  I haven't seen  them in 2 months because their dear mother became so ill right after the baby was born.  She is, thankfully, healing and slowly getting better.  I am so glad about that.  Anyways, I have 17 lovely lessons this week and I am so thankful for that.  At least I still have teaching, I have something.

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  1. Oh Heather, I'm so very sorry that there is tension with your family. It is such a stressful situation to be under and I know that you are just heartsick about it. I hope in time that your brother will let you explain and that you will start feeling better. Thinking of you!