Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Hot Day

It is about 93 degrees with so much humidity again today.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be close to 97 degrees feeling over 100 degrees.  However, as hot as it will be here, I am thankful I live in Michigan than Texas right now because they have it so much worse than we do.  The south is just having such a heat wave.  I don't know how the people who live there are doing it, especially those without A/C.  I am very thankful for the A/C that I have.  I was out in the heat for a bit today and came back with a headache and a tummy ache so I had to lie down for about an hour or so.

I am so disappointed about my newest student, Georgia.  Well, she is going to take lessons at another place where she can also take guitar too.  I understand it is much easier to take from one place, I am just disappointed because she is so excited to do this.  This is the 9th adult student I have had start since January and the 7th to quit right away.  Thank goodness for Beth and Rick.  I am so thankful for them.  They both take an hour lesson and are doing really well.  Georgia will bring back my book and CD tomorrow after 1 pm.

Rachel, Laith, and Elizabeth all had their lessons today and are doing very well.  All three of them are about to start learning to read music.  I am pleased with where they all are right now.  It is kind of funny to have 3 little ones at the same place in music so I hear the same songs on Tuesday three times.  I don't mind as the songs are very cute.  I have been listening to them for about 10 or so years when I switched to this series of books.  I love how the books all work together.  What you learn in the lesson book, you also learn in the theory and the solo books.  It is really a good series.  All three of the little ones are either 6 or 7 and heading to either 1st grade or 2nd grade.  My older kids are just going to love them.  They are all so neat.  I really like days that I have lessons.  Tomorrow I have Bob and Beth, 2 of my adults.  Bob usually has his lessons on Monday and he had to work so he rescheduled to Wednesday.  It works for me.  Carson is absent this week because he is on vacation with his family.  I do hope he is having a good time.  They are at a ranch this week.  I will miss him tomorrow.  I will also be working on a Carson CD this week for him for his lesson next week.

I am not sure when I am going to see Winnie the Pooh.  Rachel went to see it yesterday, but Elizabeth still would like to see it so I am hoping to come up with a time to go with her and her family.  She loves Piglet best.  I love Winnie the Pooh best.  He is my favorite character ever.  Belle is my 2nd favorite character ever.  I think it is because she loves to read too.  I am finished with all the Harry Potter books so I will be reading the books Anne gave me.  She brought me 2 books from NYC.  She works at the Oxford Publishing Company in NYC.  She was in town this past week.  I had lunch with her on Thursday and it was a great time.  I really miss seeing her every week for a lesson.  I am glad she is doing well at her job and likes living in NY.  I just miss her a lot and would like to see her more often than 2 or 3 times a year.

It has been a good day while I was teaching, but afterward, not so good with the head and the tummy, but now it isn't so bad right now.  I do hope you are staying cool and having a good day.

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  1. Belle is my favourite, though she's closely followed by Tinkerbell.