Sunday, July 10, 2011

A fresh week

It is Sunday and the start of another week.  I do hope this week is better because, well, to put it bluntly, last week totally sucked, completely sucked.  I am trying to get a hold of my younger brother to see if perhaps he can help with the property taxes.  I think I will have enough by the deadline in a few months, but I am not sure.  I have buckled down to really put every penny I can towards the property taxes.  I should be able to make another payment either this week or next depending on what bills come in since it is the beginning of the 2nd week so that is good.  I am learning to be like my lovely mother, she was very good at money, she was thrifty and knew how to save when she wanted something or needed something.  I am not like that, money slides out of my hands to trivial stuff quickly.  I am learning to be thrifty like Mom.  She was just so good at so much stuff that I need to learn.  I will learn this though, I am determined.

It has been a decent day.  Rick's lesson went really well.  I am very pleased with how well he is doing with his music.  His range is started to expand, which is awesome.  He did really well on "If I Loved You" at the end with those high notes.  He is a bass and the range in that song is very wide.  He has a few other musical theatre songs too plus a few classical pieces.  I am really happy that he is continuing lessons.  He is anxious to be in the summer concert, which I am not sure when that will be yet.  I do hope to have the date soon because August is next month.

Tomorrow I get my Muglia girls for the first time in 2 months.  I am very excited about seeing them.  I have pulled the music I needed for them and it is at the front door waiting to be taken to them.  I am anxious to see what they think of the music I have picked out for them.  The pretty much love so much music that I have yet to actually pull something that they didn't really like.  That is a good type student to have.  Young Sarah, the 6th Muglia and the 4th girl, is just beginning and doing super well.  I was nervous about having a beginner only have 1 lesson a month, but since she practices so well and she has 3 older sisters if she has problems, that it is going really well too.  I just love Sarah.  She is so adorable and such an enthusiastic student.  I also found a book I forgot I had that Carson will do well with.  They are Broadway songs that I think he will really like.  I just have to copy the CD for him before Wednesday.  I am planning to copy it tonight or tomorrow.  Either way I have the music waiting to go.  I have to type out the words for him.  He also likes to know how many words are in the song so I know put that on the bottom of the song for him.  I don't know why he wants to know, but that is okay.  I will put it down.  It is easy because word counts words for you as you go along.

I called Tillie today and let her know that I will not be coming to the family BBQ on Saturday.  I just don't have the money.  I really don't.  It comes down to choices, either I spend the money on gas and the tunnel plus the dish to pass or I pay bills.  I had to choose the bills.  Summer months are just very tight for me so I have to be careful of what I spend my money on.  So far, I am doing very well with it.  I am pleased with my efforts.  I do know that I am planning a trip to Canada this summer for the day but that will be in August when my Momma's gravestone is placed.  I need to see it.  I will meet Andrew there that day so I am saving my gas money for that trip between this month and next.

Anyways, it has been a decent day so far.  I had a really good lesson, I took a nap, and now I am watching some TV.  I picked out some new music for my girls.  I also even put away the book that I didn't need after I pulled it.  I didn't put it on a pile, I put it away.  That is good for me.

I do hope today is good for you too.

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  1. You seem less stressed today, I hope that is true! My mom was the same way as yours with money and the budget. I have no idea how she managed to do it and it is obviously something that was not passed down to her children. Water flows through my hands like water. I'm a terrible saver. My dad used to say that money burned a hole in my pockets, I spent it so fast. I'm learning too!