Monday, July 18, 2011

busy Monday!!!!

What a wonderful busy day.  It started with meeting Wendy at Tim Horton's for lunch.  It was great.  We visited for about 2 hours.  After that Katie had her lesson.  We started a new song that she is so excited about.  It is a medley of 3 traditional spirituals, Steal Away, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, and Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child.  She loves it too.  I think this arrangement is the best arrangement that I have ever heard.  Katie is also working on a German song too.  We also started a new Broadway song, I Enjoy Being a Girl.  It is a fun piece that Katie will really enjoy, I think.  Emily did okay with her lesson.  She is having trouble reading her notes in the songs right now.  She does pretty well with flash cards but reading the notes while she is playing is difficult with her.  I had a new student, Georgia tonight.  she is very enthusiastic about singing and singing properly so that is good.  It seems like she will stick with singing lessons for a while.  We even talked about rescheduling her lesson in August for her family reunion.  Hey, works for me.  I will gladly reschedule!

I think it has been a pretty good day so far.  I really enjoyed visiting with Wendy and my lessons.  Tomorrow is my three little ones' lessons.  Charlie is absent so I hope he is having fun up north.  Other than lessons, I don't have much planned for the week.  I finished reading all the Harry Potter books and now I am on to some of the movies sometime possibly later this week.  I will just see what happens this week.

Katie is being baptized this Sunday.  I am so excited about that because she asked me if I wanted to go so I am going.  It will be wonderful to see.  I also went to Calli's baptism when she was baptized.  I am very thrilled that I am going to Katie's.  It will be at the church that I will be attending this fall.  I will be joining their choir in the fall.  I haven't sung in a choir for a few years so this will be fun, I think.

It has been a good day.  I hope yours has been too.

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