Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's a Wednesday!

I only had 2 lessons today.  I was just about to eat lunch when Carson arrived for his lesson.  He often comes early so I put my lunch aside and went to the living room for his lesson.  I finished my lunch when he was done.  He is going to be absent next week.  That is 2 absences next week.  Boo!  I do hope both boys have a great time even though I will miss them.  Beth will be here next week but needs to reschedule for the following week.  Hey, no problem there!  I like rescheduling.  Beth did very well in her lesson this evening.  I had a new song for Carson all ready but we didn't like the accompiment so we dropped the song.  I was disappointed to discover it is not piano but full orchestration which is very hard for young people.  the book was edited for boys Carson's age.  Yeah, it was a disappointment.  Beth did get a new song.  She finished On My Own and started Wouldn't It Be Loverly.  I was happy with how her lesson went.  She is also learning how to sight read and really seems to grasp it.  I am very glad about that.

the rest of the day was a reading day as I am trying to get ready for the newest Harry Potter Movie.  I am about 1/3 of the way through book number 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I think one of my friends said that this book is her favorite.  I am not sure what my favorite is.  I love most of them the same.  I don't like book 7 as well as some of the others, but I do like it.  I like the Epilogue the best.  I wish she had included the list of who married who like we saw in the TV special that was aired about the same time book 7 was released.  Mom and I watched it together as she was also a Harry Potter fan.  She loved the movies.  When the movies first came out, I didn't want to see them.  As a matter of fact I refused to see the first 2 movies in the movie theatre then one day I was babysitting the Marchetti boys and we watched the first movie on DVD.  Well, I was hooked, they did such a great job with the movie that I went and purchased the first two movies on DVD.  I made Mom watch them with me.  She loved them.  When the 3rd movie came out Mom and I went to see it.  I found out that the IMAX theatre was showing the 3rd movie so I ordered tickets for my students and about 30 of us went to see it.  On that big screen it was simply marvelous.  I sat next to my student Mark and his mom.  He was fun to watch because you could tell how much he loved it.  Mom loved it on the big screen too.  I have seen each movie in the theatre ever since.  I am hoping to go with Kathy when she comes to town.  I can't wait to see it.

I am not planning to go to the movies this weekend.  I plan to see Winnie the Pooh probably next week sometime.  I am not sure.  At first I was thinking Wednesday, but Bob is having his lesson on that day instead of Monday due to his work schedule.  I will have to wait and see.

I am meeting Anne tomorrow for lunch at Olive Garden.  I used to go there a lot, but I haven't been there  in a really long time now.  I still have some gift cards from Richard that I am going to use it.  I haven't seen Anne since Christmas.  She is in town for about a week and I am very excited to see her.  She is going to a Harry Potter party tomorrow as well as the midnight showing of it.  She will have a good time.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

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