Monday, July 11, 2011

A Monday

Harry Potter number 5 is on family channel right now.  Boy is this movie sooooo different than the book but it is still good.  I am glad I thought to check the family channel to see if was on.  I love Luna.  She is such a great character and the actress who plays her is very pretty too.  The movie is almost over so I did most of it, but that is okay as I can watch it on DVD if I wish to watch what I have missed.

I am feeling a bit better over the big brother situation.  I pray this ends soon.  It is awful to have someone you love that angry at you.  It really is.

I had my Muglia girls this morning for their lessons, all four of them.  I simply adore them.  The girls are all doing so well.  The youngest taking lessons, Sarah, just started a few months ago.  She is doing very well for having lessons once a month and missing last month.  The older three are really playing some hard pieces right now.  I am very happy with their progress.  Bob as usual, had his lesson and did very well.  We worked on the 3rd page of the Clementi Sonatina he is learning.  I am so pleased with how well the students are doing, all of them even my new students.  I have a new student next Monday at 7:30 pm.  She is not from the new company, she found me on the web.  I am so glad I added myself to different directories for lessons.  Most of those ones I am on the vocal lesson directories, there aren't that many for piano right now.  I check every so often.  I have a website that I my friend, Laura created for me.  It is just a one pager, no need for anything to fancy but it works well.  Anyways, the newest student is an adult, which makes me nervous since I have had 8 adults start and quit since January, but she wants to start at the beginning and doesn't mind classical.  Her ultimate goal is gospel music so I am hopeful she stays for a long time.  She sounded very nice over the phone.  She is going to call next Monday to get the address.

I love this part of the movie when Sirius says to Mr. Malfoy, get away from my Godson.  I don't like the part though where Sirius dies.  Dumbledore has arrived and he and Voldermort are dueling.  This is such a good movie.  I wished I had seen the entire thing.  I may have to put the DVD in tonight after lovely Emily's lesson.  Fudge just arrived and noticed that Voldermort is actually back.  Took him so long to figure it out.  Harry tried to tell him at the end of the last school year but he didn't want to believe it.

I do hope you are having a good day.  So far it has been alright.  It could be better, but I can't change that at this point.

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  1. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter films, must give them a try