Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It was a 3 lesson day instead of 5 lesson day.  Elizabeth wasn't scheduled, I am not sure what is going on with her and McKenzie's family had a death in the family so they had to reschedule to next week.  Both Rachel and Laith started learning bass clef notes.  I am pleased with them.  Charlie had a 1 hour lesson to make up from last week.  I love how he makes up lessons instead of totally skip them when he can.  He will miss next week too so the following week he will have another hour lesson.

Not much going on other than the few lessons today.  I am re-reading the Sherbrooke Bride series.  i love those books.  I am on the third book right now.  I will probably finish it tomorrow or maybe later tonight.

It is so nice out today for a change!  It is low humidity and in the mid 80's, in other words, it is simply beautiful!  I could have spent the day outside but I was teaching instead.  I wasn't too hot or cold going outside today for a change!  It was so nice.  i really like this.  Unfortunately, by the weekend it will be in the low 90s again with chance of rain.  The rain doesn't bother me because my poor brown lawn needs it so bad.  My little violet flowers are drooping so bad.  They need some water.

Tomorrow is 2 lessons, Katie and Carson.  I have 2 new songs for Carson and I have a new CD for him filled with new music for him.  I have typed out two songs so far and will type them as we go along.

Well, I am going to watch NCIS and then head for bed.  I am hoping for a better night's sleep tonight.  I am pretty tired tonight so let's hope for a better sleep!  I do hope you are having a good night!

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