Sunday, July 31, 2011

an iffy kind of day

I had one lesson this afternoon and it went pretty well.  I am used to the hour lessons now so they are okay.  Now to get used to a piano lesson for 45 minutes on Tuesday!  Lessons generally last 1/2 hour but the new company will schedule for 45 and 60 minute lessons for different students.  At first it was difficult to pace but now it is not a problem.

After the lesson I had some lunch and was reading a bit.  then, the strangest thing happened.  My ear started ringing and wouldn't stop.  I got rather tired and the ringing made my head hurt worse so I went to lie down for a bit.  The ringing has finally stopped but I am a bit dizzy and my tummy is a bit upset.  I don't know if they are because of the ringing or just being annoying.  With my tummy, it could be either of them.

I am doing laundry right now.  The laundry fairy just hasn't shown up so I had to break down and do it myself.  I will be right back.  The undies and stuff are now in the dryer so I have fresh clothes again.  Yeah!  Always nice to have fresh clothes.

I have finally seen Harry Potter.  I need to see it again as I was so enthralled with it.  I loved it.  I wish they had shown the feast at the end of the battle when they won, it would have been nice to see the Malfoy's there looking kind of strange on the right side for a change.  Although I do like what they did with them at the end, where they were walking away from Voldemort before the final battle.  Lucius was just not looking so good at the end.  I like how Narcisca called for Draco, grabbed his hand, turned and left with Lucius chasing them from behind.  Mama power that is what that was.  I would have also liked to have seen more characters in the very end when they jump up to 19 years later.  It was nice to see them as grown up with their children but I would have like to have seen Teddy Lupin and Victoire as well as perhaps George with his wife.  I can't wait until the Pottermore website with more back stories comes out.  That will be super cool.  I love Harry Potter, the books and the movies.  I think number 7B is my absolute favorite.  I loved when Maggie Smith (Professor Mongongall) said, "I have always wanted to do that spell" and gave a brief giggle.  I loved that part a lot.  There are so many moments that I loved.

I am watching Beauty and the Beast right now on ABC family channel.  The one that was playing harry potter for the last few weekends.  I guess they are done with Harry for a bit.  I love the music from Beauty and the Best.  Belle is my favorite princess.  She loves to read just like me!  She can read books over and over again, just like me!

Anyways, my head is still not back to normal yet, I am hopeful that it will be better tomorrow.  Although, I am completely out of my tramodol so I don't have that.  It really helps taking the edge off the pain.  I will call the doctor tomorrow so hopefully it will be refilled tomorrow or Tuesday.  Tylenol just doesn't cut it but in a pinch it is all I have.

I hope today was a good day for you.

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