Tuesday, March 8, 2011

blood test day

I had my usual blood test this afternoon.  Because of the blood disorder that I have I am on blood thinners and will be the rest of my life.  I usually get my tests done every other week, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.  This time, I have to go next week since my blood changed again.  I have to skip the medicine tomorrow and then start a new dosage on Thursday.  I was so thankful that the nurse only had to poke me once.  Sometimes it takes more than one poke to get the blood.  I do NOT like blood tests however, I do NOT want another blood clot, so I will meekly go and get my tests done.

I also am starting celebrex and savella.  I have not tried either so this is new waters with me.  I do hope they help, but the end of the night I am in a lot of pain.  My knee is getting a bit better now.  I do hope with the new medications it will heal faster.  I hate flares, of course, I know absolutely no one who likes them.  I do hope this flare is over shortly.  It has been a while since I have had a flare like this.

Charlie had his lesson tonight.  He is doing really well.  He has picked out his 2 pieces for the spring concert, one is a classical piece and the other is Over the Rainbow.  He is a fun lesson and such a good kid.  I have had him for about 3 or 4 years now.  It hard to believe that he is a junior in high school and will be 17 this summer.  Didn't he just turn 15?  Yeah, feels that way.

Rick had his last lesson for a month.  He is going out of town for a month.  He won't be back until April 12 for his next lesson.  I look forward to that.  It is kind of a drag that he will be gone for so long, but there isn't anything I can do about that.  He is a fun student to teach.  He wants to sing well so much and loves singing in general.  He is definitely a kind of student that is good to have.

Terrence should be back next week so that is good.  i have to call this week to find out when he will be starting again.  He has been gone for about a month too.  That is the way it is for adults.  Sometimes they have to miss because of work.  I am flexible so that isn't a problem.

Today is a special day.  Lily turns 13 today.  Hard to believe that young lady is 13 but she is.  I remember her when she was about 3 and so tiny!  She is an official teenager now.  She is growing up so fast.  I am not sure when she and I will be able to celebrate together, but I will fit in somehow.  It is actually her schedule that is difficult, not mine.  She is much busier than I am.  I have lots of free time, it is Lily that doesn't.  It is nice though that she is busy.  I wish I were busier at times.  I have way to much time on my hands some days.  Of course, I do have stuff that I could be doing, cleaning, laundry, things like that, but hey, sometimes I would rather read, or watch TV or talk on the phone.  These things are much more fun.

Anyways, I do hope that you have had a good day too.


  1. I take both of those meds, Heather, and they have helped me immensely! I hope they work for you. I"m praying for you! :0)

  2. I've taken Celebrex and it has really helped with the flares...I hope it helps you too! get some rest, thinking of you..;j

  3. Oh Heather, I'm sorry you are flaring. I pray that it moves on quickly. It sounds like you enjoy your students and they are a good bunch, all enjoying their lesson. They are good medicine. I have not taken Cellebrex nor Savella. Please keep us posted on how they work for you.