Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it is snowing again, not fair

Around 5 pm it started snowing hard again.  We are supposed to get a few inches.  I am hoping that we don't get that much because we are on the border of the bad stuff and the not so bad stuff.  I am hoping for the not so bad stuff.  I have officially decided I no longer like snow after Christmas.  I used to like it, but not anymore.  It has been so cold this winter.  It makes me stiff and sore like so many I know.  I often wonder on days like this what Heaven is like and how is Mom liking the weather there.

I took all the paperwork to the tax professional, Julie today.  She is a good friend of mine.  It was sad to do because it is the last tax paperwork I will have to do for the little lady.  I don't like having to do this last things for Mom.  I want my mom here, not in Heaven.  Yes, I know, she is much better off because she was suffering and all that, I never said I was logical, however, I just miss her so much.  I didn't total anything this year like I always do.  I just put the stuff in the envelope and gave it to Julie.  I am hopeful that the only thing I am missing is the copy of the horrible death certificate.  I hate that thing.  It is illogical, I know, but I happen to hate almost anything that has to do with her passing away.  I want my little Mom back, the way she was a few years ago when she could still enjoy stuff and have a good time.  Julie is going to help me get the house in order including some of what is left of Mom's stuff.  I have a good amount of costume jewelry that belonged to Mom along with some other pieces.  I have to collect them all and decide what to do with that.  I have the special necklace in the bank that will go to Abby when she is 16.  Right now it is all mine until Abby is 16.  Then we share it until I pass.  This necklace was given to my great grandmother by her brother, Andrew when she was 16.  Great grandma gave it to my mom when she was 16 and then I got it when I turned 16.  It is a sentimental piece that Mom simply loved.  I like it too.  I think Abby will like it.

I hope I don't owe too much to the IRS this year.  With the tight budget that I have, I don't have extra to pay.  We shall see.

I am going to start removing a few boxes from the storage unit this week after the awful snow clears.  I figure if I can get a box or two that I want every few days out of there, when we can finally empty it, it will be easier to do because I will have all my stuff out of there.  There are a few boxes that I may not be able to lift, but I can try the other ones.  I am still hopeful that the snow globes are okay, not that I have a place to put them at right now.  I plan to put the Mickey Mouse one in Mom's room for decoration and the possibly mine too.  Mine is Beauty and the Beast.  I will be putting the Beauty and Beast picture frame in Mom's room.  I just have too much stuff to put in my room.  I have pictures that need to be put back up, stuffed animals that need to go where they belong, on my chest of drawers.  I am putting some of the pictures in Mom's room too.  I will make it look nice and pretty.  I also have some figurines of Anne of Green Gables that both Mom and I love.  We bought them in Disney World Epcot Center.  Mom and I love Anne of Green Gables books and movies.  When we saw the figurines we just looked at each other and said, oh yeah, we need them so I bought them.  There are, I think, 2 of them in the storage unit in a box.  So much is in the storage unit.  We don't need a storage unit, we just need the house.  There are also about 4 to 6 really, really old cellos.  They are in bad shape.  I was going to paint them and sell them, but I am just going to get rid of them.  I have no room in our house for them.  I have some boxes from the business that I will have to keep for about 4 more years because of taxes.  Those can go straight in the garage.  I don't want those boxes in the house because there isn't enough room.  I only need 1/2 of the garage.  This spring, after tax season, we are going to paint the table and chairs and put them on the outside patio where they belong.  That will clear a good 1/4 of the garage.  That will also  leave enough room to put my little baby car in the garage for the first time ever.  I am so excited about that.  No clearing off the snow off of my car next winter.  The car will not bake in the summer.  How cool is that?  Rather cool if you ask me.  I can't wait for that day.

I have no lessons tomorrow.  I do hope the roads are alright because I am supposed to meet my friend for lunch.  However, should the roads be icy like the weatherpeople

It has been a good day.  Tax stuff is in, 1 lesson taught, all in all, a good day.  I am just pretty tired.  I hope your day has been good too.

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