Monday, March 7, 2011

good day!

I didn't have any lessons today as Bob needed to reschedule to Wednesday but that was okay because he rescheduled and didn't cancel.  He generally reschedules instead of canceling, which is nice.

Anyways, I had the tax lawyer meeting today.  I am very pleased with this.  The lawyer is very nice and to the point.  He did say that this is a very unusual case as generally he speaks with the actual person who owes the money, not the deceased person's daughter.  He has a few questions about the particulars of the case.  He is going to be speaking to the IRS on Friday as the rest of his week is a bit busy.  I don't mind.  He wants a 30 stay right away which he feels he should get right away.  That would give him time he says.  As long as I don't lose the house, that is my goal.  I need a place to live!  I love this house.  It is the perfect set up for me.  The studio in the living room with both pianos.  I have the music in the office downstairs, I will have a sewing area, a library/TV area, and of course, a guest room.  Basically, the house is perfect for me.  It was perfect for Mom and I.  I do plan to put some pictures of the family in the family room because the walls are very bare and boring.  I will change that.  I plan to put some pictures up of all of us.  I don't have a ton of pictures, but I do have some family pictures that we had taken in 1989.  They did turn out pretty well.  I didn't like my picture at the time it was taken but I like it now.  I guess Mom was right (again!) that someday I would like it.  She was usually right (darn it all!).

I have a new student starting tomorrow!  I can't wait, plus I believe I will have another new one (not with the new company) on Thursday.  She wanted to start tomorrow, but I have a blood test appointment at that time, so that won't work this week.  It will work for next week, but not this week, unfortunately.  So I asked her if she had another day that would work, she said Thursday or Friday so I picked Thursday at 12.  I have another lesson on Thursday at 12:30 to 1:30 so this would work really well.  I am excited about these new developments.  I just need a few more and I will be all set.  That would be really good!  I just have to wait and see.

It has been a good day despite no lessons!  I feel very positive about the meeting with the lawyer.  I paid a few bills yesterday that were mailed today.  I did talk to a Doctor's office today, I am on a payment plan so I am hopeful that that will pay it off quickly.  I don't know where the bill to this doctor is right now so next week is when they will be sending out a new one.  I will pay it then.  This grown up stuff can be so hard at times!  I am glad I had a trial run at being in charge of everything these last few years with Mom here.  Being in charge of her really helped me get organized and keep track of everything.  Now it is just me, so I have to be ready for everything.

I hope you are having a good day too!  It wasn't too cold out for a change.  It is supposed to rain on Wednesday but be okay for tomorrow.  That is good because I am going to the doctor's office for the blood test.


  1. Heather, glad things are moving along ok for you, I am so proud of how you are handling things, I know it's hard but you are doing it, girl!
    Thanks for always stopping by on Pink Saturday, it means a lot to me..Just wanted to let you know that I treasure your friendship!

  2. Surley hope the results from the blood test are in your favor. Do you have to checked often? Yes, taking care of everything for a house can be daunting - but you are managing quite nicely.
    You seem to be growing your student list - that's good.