Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is a Thursday!

I got a surprise this afternoon!  My former student, Samantha (who is now in 10th grade!) stopped by and brought me back my music.  I was so thrilled!  2 of the books she had were books that I have been missing and didn't know where they were.  Now they are back!  Of course, I haven't had her for a student in 2 1/2 years, but hey, I got the books back and that is what counts.  She also had an original CD!  I didn't know that or well, I did not remember that!  I am so glad it is back along with the book.  I now can copy the music for Amanda since I needed a song out of that book.  I do have another copy of that book but Breanna has it right now.  I will burn another CD for Amanda too because Breanna has that one too.  Not a problem, I will do that tomorrow.  I was very happy to see Samantha and she has grown so much since I last saw her. She is simply gorgeous and is going to be doing Cosmetology next year in school so that is great.

I had one lesson earlier today and I have another this evening at about 5:15 ish.  Breanna is doing very well with her lessons.  She takes piano and voice.  Charlie will have his tonight.  I just copied the Over the Rainbow song for him.  I tried to make a harder version for him, but it just didn't work out.  Maybe I will be better over the weekend.  Either way, he will have the song now and we can talk about how to jazz it up a bit.  My brain is not in creative music mode today for some reason.  I need to make another copy of that tonight too for Amanda as she wants to sing it.  At least I have a CD for that one!!!  I made it several years ago and transposed it into a couple of different keys for my students.  Amanda also wants Colors of the Wind.  I now have a second copy of that thanks to Samantha bringing me my books back.  Most of my music is now put back into the filing cabinets.  I have a couple of piles that need to be done, but they will get done soon.  I do have to put all my CDs in order.  That is not done.  I have some in order in the drawers, but there are a couple of piles on the little table next to the sofa.

Other than lessons, I haven't done much today.  I finished reading a good book and I am not sure if I will start another one tonight or not.  I do have to go to Walmart tomorrow to pick up my prescription.  It is ready so I will go when I get up tomorrow.  I went and got gas this afternoon.  $30 to fill my little focus and it was 1/4 full.  Wow, I can't imagine what gas is going to go up to.  Thank goodness I don't drive very much anymore.  I like having the student come to me because if I need something, I can run (well, walk) downstairs and get it for them.  I love that ability to do that because there are times when students do forget their music.  It is rare, but it has been known to happen.

Tomorrow Calli and Acer have their lessons.  I am glad to have their lessons tomorrow otherwise I would have nothing scheduled for the day.  I dread those type of days, I really do because unless I have something else planned, they are more tiring for me.  I don't know why they are but they exhaust me more than when I have a lot of lessons.  I have 4 lessons on Saturday.  I am so glad about that.  I have a new student that will be starting.  They haven't scheduled their first lesson yet.  They have just signed up.  It is for a 10 year old for the piano.  I will have to go and pick up the books and flashcards for her before the first lesson.  I like to do this because then we all know they have the proper books and will be ready for the first lesson.  Usually the parents like this too because they don't have to worry about it then.  I am going to call her later today to introduce myself.  I am so excited about the new student.  Since I have lost a couple (they were temporary students) and also Alyssa, I need replacements for them.  I do hope to get more in the next few weeks.  I can almost cover all my bills including food and gas.  I can't quite yet, but I am close.  I pray every night for new students so that I will be able to cover all of my bills and not get behind in any of them.

Painwise, I am okay except for the flare in the knee.  It isn't much better today.  I am hoping it will clear up in the next week or so.  I will be making the doctor appointment later today for early next week.  I dread going because I know there isn't much he can do for me, but I do need better pain management for my head and my body in general.  I have been getting too many bad headaches so that needs to be addressed.  I just dread going.  At least now, with Medicare, most of my doctor visits will be covered now unlike my old insurance so I suppose that is good.

I do hope you are having a good day.  It is slightly sunny here, not too much, but a bit now and again, but it is cold out too.  I can't wait for the warm up!

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  1. Heather, it sounds like your students are doing well. You should be proud! Sorry to hear about your knee. If you give yourself rest periods in your day, does your head feel better? I hope so. have a good wknd.