Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The hard part is over, now just the waiting

I had my meeting with the trustee this morning.  I was thinking I was going to court and seeing a judge.  Nope, you go to a federal building and meet with a trustee.  Much less stress when you get there.  The trustee asked me questions about the house and the trust.  I answered them all very honestly.  I also let him know that I am paying all the house related bills, not my brothers, although they are also co-owners of the house.  I am thankful this part is over.  Now I have to wait for 60 days for anyone who objects to the discharge of the debts.  The lawyer doesn't think they will be any because no one showed up today.  The bottom line?  I get to keep the house.  That was the important thing.  I own my car so that wasn't a part of the bankruptcy, thank goodness.  I am glad to have this behind me or at least the beginning of behind me.

After the meeting I went over to Windsor to close the safety deposit box.  It was empty just like I expected. I also owed from the year before so I ended up paying $70.  I was not happy about that, but it is paid and closed that is the important part.  I no longer have to deal with it.  Now I just have to have the bank here in Michigan drill the safety deposit box open and empty that one.  I have no idea how much that is going to cost.  I am going to take care of that in a couple of months as I don't have the money right now.  I may possibly be losing a student because they haven't paid for March yet.  They have a lesson on Saturday and that may be the last one.  Definitely, a bummer but I am hopeful they will stay.

Monday I have the meeting with the tax attorney.  I am definitely tired of all these lawyer meetings but I have to have this taken care of.  I have to bring a copy of the trust with me.  I will just bring the entire binder and let them make a copy of what they need.  I have to bring the letters from the IRS too.  I hope this is an easy process too.  The lawyer thinks it will be.

I am very tired despite the nap I took this afternoon.  I was up at 6 am this morning.  I think I could sleep a lot more!  Tomorrow I have to be up by 12 noon so that isn't too bad.  Brianna has her lesson at 12:30 for an hour.  Charlie also has his lesson tomorrow evening so that is good.  I love how he almost always reschedules his lessons instead of canceling them.

I am hoping the locks get changed tonight.  John is going to call me after Awana at his church around 8:30 or 9:00 or so.

Darrin looked at the pictures of the shuffleboard and doesn't think his friend will end up buying it.  He was expecting more of a toy and this is a real shuffleboard.  He also said his friend is cheap, so I may not be able to sell it right away like I had hoped.  Darrin also said if he had the money he would be buying it because it is in such good condition and looks great.  If he really wants it, I may change the price for him if he can do that.  I don't know.  He may know someone else who would like it.  I am hoping to sell it this spring.  I need the money for the property taxes.  I can't think of any other way getting the money this year.  I also am planning to sell the living room set and the bar stools.  I am keeping the round table and barrel chairs.  I really like them no matter what anyone says.  I am not selling them, I am just not.  I am going to use the table for sewing and I think it will be perfect for sewing.  If I find out that it isn't good for sewing, then I will sell them but not until I start them.

I figure by spring I will be sewing again.  I used to sew every night when I watched TV with Mom.  I haven't sewn in a while but I will get back into it again.  I love sewing.  I know people don't think I will, but I will.  I also want to get back into crafting again.  This past year I got away from it because Momma needed me more and she couldn't do any.  It made it easier not to do it because it was sad to do crafts and sewing and she couldn't do it with me.  I loved sewing with Mom, but when I am sewing it will make me think of her because she taught me to sew and craft.  I would like to do some craft shows in the future and maybe sell some ornaments online.  That is my goal.  I will achieve it.  I need to get back into it and start working on my future.  I know my future is uncertain at this point, but I need to do something.  I am hoping to have enough ornaments to open an etsy shop by summer.  Like Richard has said, I need to get back in the business of living.  It won't be easy, but it needs to be done.  I miss Momma all the time and I don't expect that I will stop missing her ever, so I have to do what she would want me to do.  If only when she wanted to talk about it, I would have listen to her but I just couldn't.  I wasn't capable to hear it.

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