Sunday, March 6, 2011

so tired today

I have been so tired today.  I don't know why.  Maybe it is just catching up on me, it was a busyish week.  I got up at 11 and then took a nap a little while later.  When I woke from the nap, my tummy was upset and my head was bad so I took some stuff for it, and went back to bed.  In between the naps though, I had a lovely conversation with Kathy on the phone.  It was fun.  Samantha and Alicia had to say hi to me.  It was so cute, Ali had the phone and didn't say a word then handed it back to her mom.  Sammy said hi and a few other things before giving the phone to Kathy.  Jacob was kind of cranky because he had to read for a bit this afternoon.  That is something Kathy and i just don't understand.  We love to read and poor Jacob just doesn't.  I have read a bit this afternoon but my head just hurts too much to read much today.  As it is, I will be heading back to bed for the night in a while.

I wrote some checks to pay some bills today.  Boy it feels good to be able to pay some bills.  I have a few more to pay this week too including some doctors.  I owe so many doctors so much money.  It is so frustrating but there isn't anything I can do about it.  i owe the money so i will slowly pay it.

I was in mom's room this afternoon.  I have to get new sheets, blankets, and pillows because they got rid of hers.  Those pillows were about 6 months old.  I was not very happy.  I will be doing that next month as this month I had to buy a box of contacts so that was the end of my spending money for the month as of right now anyways.  I don't think anyone is coming to visit right now so that shouldn't be an issue.  I will get it taken care of soon.  I am not in a hurry.  I do hope that I am able to hit some sales for the bedding too.  I have to get a bed spread too.  I thought that it had been saved but it was mom's blanket it that was saved, not her bedspread.  I really liked her bedspread too.  I have the drapes and curtains so those won't be an issue.  I will probably buy the stuff a little bit at a time.  I also still have the mattress waterproof cover.  I am going to ask Bob if he can help me put the mattress back on the bed frame next week after his lesson.  I am meeting with the lawyer tomorrow after his lesson so that is out tomorrow.

I had a somewhat good day despite the many naps.  The highlight was talking to Kathy and also my cousin, Cathy, made a comment on my face book that made me smile.  She is so funny sometimes.  I just love both Kathy and Cathy!  They are amazing women.

I do hope you had a good day too!

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  1. Naps are awesome, Heather! I've been cat napping all day myself!
    Hope you have a super week!