Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday after the time change

Oh my, the time change!  Wrecks havoc on me every year twice a year.  I don't know why, but I just don't respond well with it.  I had to take a 3 hour nap this afternoon/early evening with it.  I don't get it.  I hope by the end of the week I will be fine.  We shall see.

I just checked my planner.  I have a blood test tomorrow morning.  Yuck o!  I will go though because my blood was kind of messed up last week and I hope it is back to normal.  I hate extra blood tests.  I hope after this I won't need a new one for 3 weeks which is the next doctor appointment.  I hope to get a better pain pill and that will be it at the next doctor visit.  The new medicines didn't work and I am tired of trying new ones.

I had Bob's lesson this afternoon.  He is doing very well right now on his songs.  He is working on the tempo of the pop piece and the first page is pretty much there so that is a great start.  He can play the invention faster than when he plays it for me, but when I am there he gets a bit nervous, so he has to slow down.  A normal reaction for a student.  You always can play better at home than when someone is staring at your hands like I am.

I am annoyed tonight by something someone said to me.  I am trying not to let it bother me, but it does.  I didn't appreciate it and I wish I had never answered the call.  Next time, I will not answer.

It is getting so nice outside right now though I am sure we are not done with snow.  I didn't get the news tonight because I was just getting up from my nap, so I missed the weather report.  I will check online before bed so I know if we will have white stuff on the ground like we did one day last week.  I don't remember the day.  I am really hoping we are finished with the winter.  I am so tired of being cold.

I started making the bed in Mom's room today before the nap.  All I got to was the mattress cover.  I will do the rest tomorrow.  I also have to put the night stands back where they belong and the chest of drawers that was moved too.  Then take the empty boxes out and put them in the garage, vacuum again, close her closet doors, and her room is ready for visitors.  I think the visitors will like what I did with Mom's bed.  I do have to put up the sheer curtains and the one set of drapes as they are down, but I will do that when I have some help because it is difficult to put drapes and curtains up by yourself.  I have tried and it just doesn't work, plain and simple.  Then I will vacuum the hallway, the spare room, the path in my room and then bring it to the kitchen and dining room, which also need to be vacuum but I will wait until the next day for that one.  Too much vacuuming makes me ache from the motions of vacuuming.

I can't really say what kind of day it has been as I think I slept a lot of it.  The parts that I was up, except for the annoyances, were good.  I am going to read a bit before I turn in for the night.  I do hope your day is going well!

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  1. I had a nap today to. Yep daylight savings is really throwing me off, and I have to deal with the ID10T team tomorrow, lol . However either way it will be a Beautiful Day.

    Remember naps are allowed.