Tuesday, March 29, 2011

boy is it a better day

I am glad yesterday is over.  It ended on me breaking down (again!) around 11:30 when I was heading to bed.  I cried for another hour or so.  I don't usually have this issue, but with it being the little lady's birthday and all, I did expect it.  It is hard for me to believe how much I can miss one person and how big a hole in the heart and soul can be.  But it is true, my heart is so broken over this.  I think maybe if I had children of my own to take care of it would be different, but I doubt it.  I just miss her so much of the time.  It is all the little things not even the big things that I miss.

I have one lesson tonight, Charlie.  He plays the tenor saxophone and is doing very well.  I am pleased with his progress most of the time.  There is the rare time that he didn't practice enough or at all, but those are far apart, thank goodness.  He is also a drummer.  He is going to play a percussion piece at the spring concert in May.  I can't wait and I think my little student, Acer can't wait either.  Acer and Charlie get along so well.  It is quite nice to see the 16 year old with the 6 year old.  They are pals.

Katie and Rachel are audition this weekend for a scholarship.  It is a $500 scholarship.  I think both are ready.  I know Rachel is since she has sung both songs before.  Katie chose songs she has sung before to because we decided at the last minute she would audition.  Rachel's mom called me this morning because she couldn't find an accompanist for her.  I just found one for Katie so the same nice lady is going to do both.  I was slightly embarrassed though because when I called to let Bea know that Katie was doing it, she said she got Rachel's application.  Well, I had sent Rachel a cover sheet about it in email but I never gave her the application because they never sent me their address.  Rachel's mom must have called them for it.  But that is how I found out Rachel is also auditioning.  I am glad she is, but I wish I had known before I called so I wouldn't have been like, wow, really?  Cool.  So both girls will be here on Thursday to practice with Bea.  It should be lots of fun.

Not too much going on here.  I am absolutely exhausted from the meltdowns yesterday.  I plan to go to bed a bit early or take a nap, one of the two.  I should be doing some house work but I am just too tired to do it.  It is a nice and relaxing day so far, just on the tired side.  I don't have to be anywhere for a change, no doctors appointments or bloodtests or anything like that.  I do hope this finds you doing well.

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  1. Heather, getting emotional is perfectly normal sweetie..esp on your mom's day...you are doing so well, very proud of you! hang in there..