Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March!

I can't believe today is March 1.  It is so hard to believe.  Tomorrow is the court hearing.  I think I know where I am going.  I checked out the area online and I have directions.  It doesn't seem to hard.  I am leaving early so I will be there in plenty of time to park and walk inside.  I don't know how well I will be walking with this lovely flare up, but I will be alright somehow.  I am nervous about tomorrow but I will be glad when this is over!  I can't wait for it all to be over.

I also will have some help on the IRS issue of Mom's.  I see the attorney for that on Monday.  Ugh, more money out the door.  Well, at least this will be cleared up to and I won't have the house levied.  That is the important thing.

It is very quiet in the house today.  I went to Border's near my house to see if anything good was left.  There wasn't.  This particular location is going out of business.  Borders is closing several stores and has entered bankruptcy.  I have known for a while that the business is in financial trouble.  I have heard it on the news.  I do hope they come out of the bankruptcy nice and strong.  I like that store a lot.  Then again, is there really a regular bookstore that I don't like?  I usually go to Barnes and Noble though because I belong to their club and I get a discount off of everything that I buy.  I like that.  Right now I am very into Kristin Hannah books.  She is so good.  I have now read about 6 of her books and simply love them.  I plan to have some of them in book club soon.

It is nice out today.  It isn't too cold and the sun is shining.  To me, it is a reminder that spring is on it's way.  I do hope we are finished with snow though.  I am sick of that white stuff coming down and staying.  We do have snow on the ground but it isn't on the streets anymore.  I am very glad about that.

I am going to be changing the locks in the house this week or next.  I have discovered that I don't have a key to the back door and since it is a different key than the rest of the house, I don't like that.  It is just me living here so I want all the doors to have the same key.  In order to do that, all the doors must be rekeyed.  That is my goal of the week, that and finishing Mom's paper work.

I have a couple of things that were Mom's that I am sending to my sister-in-law, Jennifer this next few weeks.  I think she will like them and they will look nice in her room in her house.  I don't know what I am going to give Abigail and William of Mom's yet though.  I have some key chains that they might like, but I don't know for sure.  It is hard because they never really got to know Mom that well since they live so far away from us.  It was like each visit they have to get to know us all over again.  It is sad because Mom loved them so much and they didn't get to know her and now they never will.  She knew some of my friends' children better than her own grandchildren.  She knew Lily very well.  Lily's family are friends of mine and Mom's.  Mom really liked being with Lily and her sisters, Emily and Elyse.  We always had a good time with them.  I had a chance last week to hang out with Lily all day and had a really good time.  We played Monopoly and I actually won for a change.  Lily also made cookies and rolls.  She had Calli help her roll up the chocolate chip cookie dough.  They both had a good time doing that.  I don't know when the next time will be when I get her for the day.  She doesn't have a vacation from school until Easter and that is at the end of April.  She is very busy right now with school and other activities.  Lily will also be 13 on the 8th.  That is hard to believe.  I remember her at 3.  How time flies.

I have one lesson tonight that I am looking forward too.  It should be fun.  He is an adult that loves to sing and we are working on about 4 songs.  2 classical and 2 Broadway.  He is anxious to learn to sing properly.  It is an hour lesson.

I do hope you are having a good day and that it is nice outside for you too!


  1. I am with you...I can't believe it is March already, too! The weather was fantastic here today..finally! I'm sure it won't last. It can be 60 one day and the next an ice storm! Crazy midwest weather.
    Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. It will be great to get it all behind you.
    Take care,

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