Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday musings

I had 3 lessons total today.  It was a quick 1 3/4 hours let me tell you and fun.  All three students are doing very well.  Amanda and Kayla each started a new song today.  I was happy with what they did.  Kayla did tell me that when Katie came early last week it made her nervous so today when Katie arrived I had her go into the dining room for a few minutes this way Kayla would be able to continue without being embarrassed.  She had much more confidence today than she has had.  I was pleased with this.  Katie is auditioning for a scholarship next Saturday if we can find someone to accompany her.  I do hope we do because she really wants to do this and if she doesn't then they have to cancel the scholarship.  We are on a time crunch with this.  Both my friends are just not available although 1 is checking with her student to see if she would be available.  I also just called another teacher I know in case he can do it.  I can play the songs, I just don't accompany very well, I start listening to the singing and well, there goes the piano part.  I just never learned the art of accompanying.  I think that is something I need to learn.  I wonder how much Georgette would charge to teach me.  Hm, I will find out.  I figure either she or Diane can teach me to do this.  I can play the piano pretty well although I think I teach it much better than I play.  I could be wrong on this, but who knows!

I had planned on doing housework today.  I am going to vacuum the rest of Mom's room, the path in my room (yes, it needs to be decluttered since things are no longer where they belong), the spare room, and the hallway with the stairs.  That should be enough for the day.  I try not to overdo it because the pain is immense when I do.  I don't wish to spend all day tomorrow in bed.  While I don't have much planned for tomorrow, I still do not wish to be in bed from pain all day.  That would be a drag to say the least.  I don't know what I will do after that, I may read.  I have 2 books I haven't read yet waiting on the table and I have one I am currently reading.  I love reading but sometimes I just don't feel like it.  I have a hard time some days finding enough good stuff to do.  I think sometimes my naps in the afternoon are not only because I am tired but I am bored.  My new course hasn't arrived yet.  I can't wait until it does.  Should be here sometime next week.  I am anxious to get started with it.

It is almost 3 in the afternoon so I am heading upstairs soon to start my vacuuming.  It won't take long but I would like it done before dinner.  I may do the dining room, kitchen, and utility room floors tomorrow.  I have to also scrub them.  Yuck.  Oh well, it needs to be done so I will do it.  I plan to also watch some of the DVDs that I have that I haven't seen yet.  I keep meaning to but then when I have the time I end up doing something else.  I feel like I am in the waiting mode and I don't wait very well.  Patience is not my best virtue.

It is chilly out so my hips and legs are a bit sore today, plus since I split pop on my chair last night I had to sit on a different chair, so that caused extra pain too.  It is sunny out though so that is a plus.  I just wish we had slightly warmer weather to go along with the sun.  I do hope we are finished with snow!  I am so tired of it.  Well, I hope you are having a good day too!

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