Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Thoughts

As the news media keeps Charlie Sheen in the news, I received a notice that in April he is coming to the theatre near me live and in person.  On facebook, I have a friend who is actually going to go and see him.  That seems rather strange to me because he is falling apart and out of control.  It is not something I would want to pay money to go and see.  He lost his job and his kids, and is now going on tour?  I do hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.  I also am sick of the phrase, Winning.  That is so annoying.  I don't see anything winning about Charlie and his life right now.

I can't even imagine right now what it is like in Japan.  It seems so unreal when these things happen.  I know that many of the people in Japan are prepared for disasters like this, but how can you really prepare? Those poor people, I do hope that this is over soon and that people's life goes back to normal.  All I can do is pray for those that are affected by this.

It has been a fast couple of weeks to me.  I was getting ready for teaching when the Mom called.  She was getting a bad headache, so we canceled.  I totally understand that.  You never know when the headaches are going to arrive.  I have one tonight.  So I took a small nap.  I am still very tired.  I only have 2 lessons tomorrow, that is a bit of a drag, but that is okay, it is still 2 more than I had yesterday.  I usually have 3 on Saturdays, sometimes 4 and sometimes 5.  I like teaching a lot on Saturdays.  I haven't heard from Katie so I don't know if she is going to have a lesson soon.  I have her score sheets from competition a few weeks ago.  I also haven't heard from Rachel either.  I do hope to hear from them soon.

I am going to put Mom's bedding on her bed this weekend.  I have the quilt ready for it too.  Her room will look very cute now as a guest room.  Her mattress is in good condition and doesn't need to be changed like the one in the other guest room.  I don't have the money to do that though.  I hope to change it this summer.  I don't see it happening anytime soon.  My mattress is okay for a while longer and if necessary, I can always change with the one in Mom's room but right now it is okay.  Once the bedding is fixed up in Mom's room the upstairs will be mostly done for now.  I do have to remove the buckets that Maia and Tillie brought it.  I have no idea why they brought them up but they did.  It was strange the first time I saw them.  I don't always understand why they do what they do at times.  Right now, I am taking a brief break from working on the house.  I want to put the boxes that have tools in the furnace room so that they are where I will be able to find them when I need them.  I was surprised by how many tools were found hiding in Momma's room.  I am thankful though.  We found a few things that we certainly could have used during this last year.  The stud finder for one.  I have 15 holes in the wall near where the railing is because Tillie couldn't find the stud.  I have no way to actually fix them right now because I am not going to paint right now.  When the railing for the other railings to go up we will use the stud finder or they won't go up because I don't want tons of small drill holes in my wall.  For some reason, it just doesn't add to the decor.  I know the entire house needs to be painted, but that is just not happening anytime soon as 1 - I can't do it myself and 2 - I don't have the money for it.  I will worry about this stuff at a later date.

I think the new pain meds are working pretty well.  My knee is getting better too and I am not sure if that is from the new medicine or just it coming along naturally.  Either way, I am glad it is getting better.

I do hope you are having a good day!

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  1. overwhelming day with all the sad news eh?