Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had 2 lessons today, Breanna and my newest one, Annie.  She wants to sing in community theatre so that is what we are working towards.  I asked her to get a great book that I usually use as a supplemental book, but for Annie, it will be a great book for her.  Some of the songs have had the keys changed that will be perfect for her.  She is 29 and will hopefully be a nursing student soon.  I do hope so for her.  She really wants to be a nurse.  Right now she is a hair dresser and works at 2 different salons.

I went to the library today.  I got 4 books, 2 by Diane Chamberlain and 2 by Phillipa Gregory.  I then went to the used bookstore and got 1 from Kristin Hannah (my new favorite author) and 2 from Julie Garwood, an old favorite.  I am all set for reading right now.  I am tired of the books I have.  I have already read the new Kristin Hannah books two times so far.  Yes, I am sure I will read them again and again, but not right now.

I burned some CDs last night.  I am now prepared for Amanda's lesson on Saturday.  I have Calli and Acer tomorrow.

My birthday is next month and a party has been planned.  It will be at my cousin's Darrin's house in Belle River.  Cool, is all I can say about that.  It will be a potluck party.  I am to bring the cake.  Too bad an ice cream cake won't last that long of a drive.  Oh well, I will get a good one from a local bakery for that day.  I am to let all the relatives and friends know about this.  hey, works for me, a party!!!

So far, the new medicine seems to be helping.  I will know more later this week and early next week.  I am hoping it works because I need something for the pain.  It is hard to function at times with this much pain.  So far, I am hopeful about it.

We are expecting another winter storm.  Yuck, more snow, just what I want. NOT!  I do not want anymore snow but as I live in Michigan, there isn't anything I can do about it as this is normal winter weather for this state.  I am just tired of it this year for some reason.

The garage door now works!!!!  Yes!  It has been adjusted and works.  I will eventually need to have it fixed, but right now it is okay.  Since I don't use it too much at this point, the adjustments will work.  When I need it fixed, I just call Mr. Carnegie and he will come and fix it.  He also didn't charge me anything because he said he didn't fix anything, he just adjusted a few things.  I am just grateful that he was able to make the adjustments so now it works.  Now all I have to do is empty 1/2 of the garage and be able to put my little car in.  It has never been in my garage, poor little car.  As soon as the snow is gone, I plan to put the table and chairs in the back yard on the patio.  The rest of the stuff in the garage can then be moved to the 1/2 of garage I won't need for the car.  Then, my little baby car will be in the garage!!!  How cool is that?  Also, the garage door opener (the portable one) works still so that is so cool!  I am a happy camper with all of this.

All in all it has been a pretty good day.  I feeling a bit more positive overall these days, although I still miss Momma terribly.  I miss her more now than I first did when she passed away.  It is as difficult as I have been told.  I feel for my friends who are in the same position, it is rough to be without a Mom.  Moms are so necessary in our lives.  I only try to do what I think my Momma would want me to do.  Hard sometimes because I wouldn't discuss what would happen after she passed away, I just couldn't talk about it, now I am sorry, but I am doing what I think she would want me to do.

I do hope you are having a good day too.

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  1. Heather, I also have it and sometimes it just plain hurts all over, sugar! So I do understand. I hope your day is good and I soooooo appreciate all the lovely comments you leave for me. Thank you, sweetpea!!!!!