Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not so cold out today

I am glad the sun is shining!  It makes it a bit warmer than it was yesterday, however, we are still in winter temperatures around here with some of the white stuff (snow) on the ground and some icy patches.  At least the sun is shining today.  I will probably have to have the little heater on this evening when the sun goes down since the wind chill is low.  I can't wait until we get actual open the windows and let the sunshine in weather.  I also will need to clean said windows too, but hey, that is another day.

I had Breanna's lesson this afternoon.  She is doing pretty well.  She is anxious to get to advanced level stuff right away.  It is so cute to see.  She is very ambitious and works rather hard so that is a great thing.  She also has determination which is another great trait of a good student.  I never have to worry about her not practicing or doing her theory work because she wants to learn as much as she can to improve.  I  just would like 10 more students just like her!  She is the type that makes teaching a great job.  Not that my other students are not doing well, they are too.  I have great students right now, I just need 10 more to pay all the bills not just some of them.  I pray I will get them soon.

I read a blog post today of one of my regular reads, Connie, (a very inspirational person) and she is redoing part of her house.  I now can't wait until after tax season to do the downstairs.  I am so anxious to have a sewing/craft area and a library/TV are now.  I want to put pictures up on the wall and wall hangings up.  I am just anxious to have my house just so!  I get great ideas from Connie's blog.  She always post the prettiest decorating ideas.  She also loves the color pink like I do!  Unfortunately, the carpet in the family room is brown, so pink is out unless I keep the furniture that is down there and then I could pain the walls pink to coordinate with the pink in the pink and brown furniture.  I wonder how hard it would be to restuff the cushions.  Would it really be that hard of a job?  I don't know.  I love the furniture that is down there, it is just that some redoing needs to be done.  Hm, I will have to ask some experts I know, like Connie and a few of my friends.  I am really rethinking this now.  I am thinking there is room down in the family room for the furniture.  I will measure and find out.  It is really pretty furniture that is in excellent condition (thanks Mom!).  Mom took really good care of it.  So, I am glad I haven't taken any picture of the furniture yet.  I am, however, getting rid of the bar stools and the shuffle board.  Those things have no place or use in the new family room.  They just take up too much space, way too much space.

Anyways, a quiet evening is expected.  I spoke to Kathy and Donna today.  I will turn the news on soon and watch that.  It is probably an HGTV night since there isn't anything else on.  I hope you are having a good day too.

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  1. We had a couple of REALLY warm days and then it got COLD again yesterday! I don't like cold windy weather. Your plans for your house sound fun and exciting! Hope it all goes well:)