Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday thoughts

I spoke with Bob today.  I had message he and Maggie about a decision that I was trying to make.  As it turns out, I feel I made a good decision, but I am glad that I messaged them because they gave me a few other things to think about.  Thank goodness for good friends.  I do feel I have a good plan now that I have been lacking in direction at times (outside of teaching) and really need some focus for long term planning.  When I had Mom here (before she needed 24/7 care from me) I could speak to her about these decisions and thoughts and I do miss that a lot.  I do have a savings plan, even with my tiny budget, that I will be doing.  My emergency fund is very small at this point and needs to grow.  I have added a savings plan in my monthly budget now.  It makes me feel much better knowing I have a plan.  I am a planning kind of girl.  I feel like the fog may be starting to be lifted about some things.  I don't always feel like I am walking through mud all the time, just most of it.  I am hoping the new roadmap will help with the mud feeling.

It is a bad missing Mom day mainly because I had to have someone else to discuss things with.  I couldn't talk to her about it and hear her thoughts about that.  It just is something I will have to get used to now.  I don't particularly like it, but I will have to get used to it.  Mom is in Heaven and isn't here to talk too.  I miss my sounding board.  I have had to find a different one.  I am thankful for the suggestions for me to think about.  I hadn't given some things attention and I needed to.  Thank God for good friends.

I had my lovely Muglia girls for their lessons today including Sarah, one of the little sisters.  She just started today.  She has played out of the book for a while and got all the way up to where she is starting to read notes so that is where we started today.  I think she will do very well just like the older sisters.  I brought the older girls a huge (I mean huge) bag of hoodies that were Mom's.  Some of them she has worn, many of them she bought and forgot she had or I forgot she had so she never worn them.  There were a couple of really cute disney ones that I think the girls will just love.  I asked that any that they don't want (I am sure there are some) to please donate them.  They said they would.  There are a bunch of cute hoodies there that I wished I fit into.  No hope there though.  By the time I may fit in them, they will be long out of style besides I have a bunch of cute hoodies that I have gotten in the last few years.

It was so nice to teach 5 lessons in one day.  I miss being that busy.  I mean, some days I am teaching just 1 lessons.  Now, I am grateful for that one lesson, I just want to be busier and soon I will be.  I am hopeful that I will get more students soon.  I know that by fall I will, I just need new students long before that.  Summer is coming and that is a tough time for lessons although the last couple of summers haven't been super bad like they were a few years ago so I am hopeful that this summer won't be too bad again.  I don't have any plans at this time to go on vacation.  I would like to go and see my brother in Seattle, but I am not sure that will happen.  All depends on his busy schedule so we will wait and see.

I am rather tired today now.  I didn't sleep very well last night.  I haven't been sleeping very well these last few nights.  I don't know why.  I think since I had to get up so early this morning that perhaps I will sleep well tonight.  I am hopeful about that.

It has been a good day overall.  I enjoyed the 5 lessons that I have taught today.  My girls are doing awesome with their music and Bob is doing very well too.  He will be ready in time for the spring concert.  The girls won't be able to attend because baby number 9 in the Muglia house will be making his debut around that time.  Thomas is expected in the 2nd and 3rd week of May.  It will be a busy but exciting time for them.

I do hope this finds you doing well.

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