Wednesday, March 16, 2011

quiet wednesday

I didn't have any students today, which is alright.  I would rather have a student, but today just isn't a day I have one.  Last week's new student that had her lesson on Wednesday will have hers on Friday this week.  She is what the new company calls a flex student because she doesn't have a set time every week due to her mother's work schedule.  Her Mom is a nurse and works 12 hour days so there is no set schedule for her.  I don't mind as long as she has a lesson every week.

My friend from high school, Vicki is coming by.  She has a good friend who's husband needs a heart transplant and they are holding a fundraiser so she is coming for a few violins.  I am happy to have them go for a good cause.  I do have 2 that need to be painted, I am planning to paint them this spring.  It has been 2 years since I have painted a violin.  I have 16 that are painted left.  I want to take some pictures of them and put them on ebay.  I am going to get a new memory card since I can't figure out how to clear mine.  I have removed all the pictures yet the card still says it is full.  I am so technological inept that I will just buy a new one instead.  I will do that next month as this month is very, very tight financially speaking.

I asked for the price of Savella today at the pharmacy.  It is $147 a month.  Yeah, that is a lot of money I don't have.  The biggest concern I have (outside of price) is that the week that I have been taking it, I have had 3 nights of no sleep.  One of the side effects is Insomnia.  Is less pain worth no sleep?  I don't know.  I just don't know what to do about it.  I did get the Celebrex today at the cost of $127 for the month.  I used some of the emergency money.  I wrote an email to my older brother and he suggested i contact the company who makes Celebrex to see if they have a program to help pay for it so I did.  They are sending me an application that both me and Dr. G have to fill out.  It will get here in time for my next appointment with him.  I pretty sure I qualify for free medicine because of my low income.  I am way under their cutoff point but about 11,000 so I am pretty sure I qualify.  However, I was reading the info for the side effects and things like that and it says that taking it with the blood thinning medicine may cause some bleeding.  Once again, now what?  Is this why the arthritis doctor didn't give it to me in the first place?  I guess I will just monitor myself and see what happens.  The Celebrex really helps with the hips and lower back pain from the arthritis so I am going to see about keeping it and just watch myself in case something happens.

I am putting my receipts together this weekend so that I can make my appointment with Julie to get the taxes done.  I am not really in a hurry as I usually don't get anything back.  You actually need to pay tax to get some back and since they don't tax social security, I don't get any back.  Makes sense to me!  Sometimes I have to pay because of teaching but I think this year I have enough bills that will cancel them out.  I do hope so.  I don't have any extra money to pay the IRS with.  Boy, things are sure tight without Mom and her social security.  I didn't realize how good we had it until it was gone.  Of course, I miss Mom more than just for her money.  I miss her so much everyday.  My friends have been so right, I miss her more now than when she first passed away 5 months ago.  Friday will be the 5 month anniversary.  My heart broke then and I just don't see it healing to quickly without the little lady around.  I do enjoy looking at pictures of her though.  She had such a pretty smile!

Saturday is my nephew, William's birthday.  He will turn 10 already.  So hard to believe.  It seems like yesterday that he was born.   I remember the day he was born as well as the day his older sister was born.  Two of the best days of my life.  We have another special birthday this week too.  My friend, Heather B-T's daughter, Calli turns 11 tomorrow.  I am going over for dinner and brownies and floats.  It will be so nice.  I just can't believe how fast these kids are growing.  Seems like yesterday Calli was just 9 and arriving here.  These last two years have just flown.

My friend, Vicki just left with 3 violins for the fundraiser.  She picked them out herself.  I wanted her to. I think it makes it more special if you pick them yourself.

So far, it is a less pain day.  My back is a bit sore for some reason where it usually isn't, but other than that, the pain is under control for a change.  I have a good evening so far with a nice visit with Vicki and her Mom.  I am so glad she is close to her Mom just like I was.  She spends at least one night with her Mom every week.  I do hope that you are having a good evening too!


  1. Well, I hope you can get some help from the drug companies, they are always telling everyone how great they are at helping if you can't afford your meds so hopefully they really will. I don't know how anyone can pay prices like that every month, that's crazy.

    I would love to see some pics of your violins. One of my biggest regrets was never learning how to play. I've always been in love with them...take care and get some rest!

  2. I don't know why they have to make medication SO expensive! I hope you can find a way to get what you need to feel better:)